Melanie Stokes,
   Professional Organizer

Napo  Western School of Feng Shui

Living Intuitively

Remember when your house felt like a home? When the world seemed to just flow in and out of your doors with ease? Remember those carefree days before the chaos set in?

Instead of fighting against the current, learn how to go with the natural and positive flow in your life. What if you could live intuitively, leaving the chaos behind?

Intuitive Living provides professional organizing solutions to help free you of clutter in your personal and business space. It is more than just removing junk or cleaning out unwanted items - Intuitive Living creates an organizing system that fits your specific business or personal needs.

People live more productive and happy lives in a clutter free environment. An organized space allows you to increase your revenue and save time that you waste searching for lost and misplaced items.

Creating a organizing system that allows you to maintain a functional work environment, Intuitive Living's Melanie Stokes has the expertise and professional experience that you want from a professional organizer.

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Speaking to Inspire

Are you part of an organization or association that is looking for a professional speaker?

Melanie's presentations provide participants with information that make a very positive impact in their lives by sharing her expertise with humor and examples that anyone can apply.

Virtual Organizing

A convenient and inexpensive way to access professional help for your organizing needs. Just send photos of your problem area and Melanie will walk you through the process over the phone or by email.

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